Friday, 4 November 2011

A dress a week til christmas - Week 6!

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. Got carried away eating mc-nuggets at the mall.
Anywho, due to the fab response to last weeks fabric (sorry for those of you who missed out!) I went for sort of the same thing this week. Also, you may notice some of the styles repeated, just because I like them and I can.
To follow along, check out the rules here, otherwise here is this weeks fabric...
Same pattern as last week, only this week it's not chiffon. Stretch cotton this time.
And here's the designs...

1. Sweetheart neckline, cap sleeve, pencil skirt
Pretty much explains itself this one.

2: Like week 1's style, but with a pencil skirt
Okay so imagine if this red top and this skirt made a dress baby.

and 3: Pencil skirt dress from week 2
One that didn't make it last time, but i think would make a swell dress in the polka dot.

So there we have it, week 6. First person to email me ( with which design they like can have it made up to their measurements for only $45.

p.s: sorry photos of last weeks design coming tomorrow. I can only handle one post on this super slow computer.

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  1. OOOh I wish I could get this one too! Alas Christmas is coming and I have gifts to save for. I'm going to be jealous of whoever scoops up this baby though!