Thursday, 28 July 2011

Coming soon!

High waist pencil skirt in black stretch matte satin...

Classy. For those of you that saw, this is the style Sam was wearing for the Quake Appearance fashion show earlier in the year. I have a size range in these so far, and hopefully by Monday will have some in red cotton sateen too. I will post a pricelist/much better pictures over the weekend, feel free to email if you have any queries before then,

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another productive weekend... almost.

After much consideration, I finally bought myself a new printer last week.
oooooooo.... fancy. I had the intention of printing all the size labels for my garments this weekend. Printing went fine, so did the tedious job of cutting them all out, arranging and ironing them onto the fabric.
Then came step 3. Cutting them all out with pinking shears.
Epic fail. For those of you that can't tell what this last picture is, it's what fabric looks like when you try to cut it with blunter-than-blunt pinking shears. Grrrr... theres always something!

P.S: if anyone knows where you can take them to get sharpened (and don't say the 1940's, Adam already got that one in) I would be grateful. For now, I'm gonna continue cutting tinfoil.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sizing up

Sorry about the small selection, this is just for starters to see how things go. The better things sell the more sizes I can add! Let me know what you think, I collated sizes from a number of different sources and this was the most standardised (I think) but would love your opinion!
Watch this space too, I promise there is some actual clothing coming soon!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Weekend project

Found this amazing selection of ribbon at geoff's emporium a few weeks ago and finally the rainy weekend inspired me to do something with it. So became the badges!
On another exciting note, I finally got into creating some skirts this weekend (thanks Arthur Toye for having a 50% off everything sale last weekend... yes... EVERYTHING) so the collection is finally on the way! watch this space!

P.S: Sorry for the average pictures, I think my camera is on the way out :s

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fun Friday Fashion Fact

Did you know, one of the pioneers of early New Zealand womens fashion was not only an All Black captain, but later an All Black coach too?
Fred "the needle" Allen established his fashion business in Auckland in 1947, after having previously worked for Christchurch department store Ballantynes. He produced womenswear from a number of different designers, supplying department stores and other outlets around the country for around 40 years. 
Who would have thought...
I got the information from this amazing book "The dress circle - New Zealand fashion design since 1940". An awesome read for anyone interested in our fashion heritage.

P.S: Thanks Sam, totally wicked birthday pressie!