Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another productive weekend... almost.

After much consideration, I finally bought myself a new printer last week.
oooooooo.... fancy. I had the intention of printing all the size labels for my garments this weekend. Printing went fine, so did the tedious job of cutting them all out, arranging and ironing them onto the fabric.
Then came step 3. Cutting them all out with pinking shears.
Epic fail. For those of you that can't tell what this last picture is, it's what fabric looks like when you try to cut it with blunter-than-blunt pinking shears. Grrrr... theres always something!

P.S: if anyone knows where you can take them to get sharpened (and don't say the 1940's, Adam already got that one in) I would be grateful. For now, I'm gonna continue cutting tinfoil.

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