Saturday, 10 September 2011

A little lacy

Sorry for being so slack lately everyone, after finishing the skirts and later on a bustier tie top I decided it was time to take some photos of the finished products on a human body. Unfortunately I am not the best model, and while having an awkward time trying to get Adam to take a decent photo of me wearing my things, I dropped my camera on the tile floor. Long story short, bye bye camera.
So here's what I have been working on the past couple of weeks. First up, a broderie bustier top with lace edge and tie back. Looks super cute with a pair of high waist shorts or one of the pencil skirts I have posted earlier. Great addition to the wardrobe for summer. I have a full size range at the mo, email me if you are interested :)

Also a tie front halter top I have been working on, not finished yet but you get the general idea...
Thanks for reading, and excuse the fuzzy photos, if anyone wants to sponsor me a new camera I will love you forever xo

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