Friday, 9 November 2012

It's been a while...

Yes it has. And I haven't been completely lazy, just had a couple of projects I couldn't blog about til after the event!

Over the last few months I picked up a project making rock 'n' roll competition dresses for two lovely ladies, Elissa and Jodi. Both worn at the nationals this year, both girls placed in the best dressed competition (woop woop!) and also the dancing part as well. I really enjoyed making these! Cute, very original 50's styled dresses with matching bolero jackets...

First up Elissa's dress. A halterneck style with full circle skirt, and matching bolero jacket. The jacket is fully reversable too.

And here's jodie's dress. Similar to a style I had done before, but using net on the gathered bodice so you could still see the pattern through. Once again matching jacket which is fully reversable.

Well done girls (and partners!). I will try to update the blog a little more regularly now life has slowed down a little, more treats to come soon!

If you like anything you see on the blog, flick me an email to and we can discuss details xoxo

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