Friday, 7 October 2011

A dress a week til Christmas - Week 2

I'm excited for this week. A little different to last week, this weeks fabric is a little darker and the designs a little more hot-stuff (a little less tea party)
To find out how this works, check out this post here otherwise lets get going. Here's this weeks fabric:
It's a stretch cotton sateen (super stretchy, quite thick, has a little bit of sheen to it). The flowers look a little brighter here than what they do in real life. More of a cerise colour I would call it.
And here's the designs...

1: Strapless wiggle dress with black edging
Pretty self explanatory, Black satin edging around the top, little black bow at the back.

2: Jennie's dress, but fitted
Check out jennies dress here, the same but different.

and 3: Cap sleeve with collar
The picture really tells it all.

OKAY! so you know the rules, first person to email me ( with which style they would like can have it made up to their own measurements for only $45.
Can't wait to see which one you choose!

P.S: all of these styles are below the knee length, but if you really would like it, I can do them a bit shorter a.k.a above the knee too :)


  1. And it's gone already! Lucky Emma. Check back for progress shots xoxo

  2. doh! too slow... you probably don't do them big enough to fit a baby in the front anywho! beautiful work darling girl xx

  3. That sounds like a challenge... Pin up maternity wear!

  4. Exciting! Such a great price and your work is truly classic! You'll be hearing from me at some point when the money flows in and a material type jumps out at me ;) I'll be watching :D